About Us


In 2017, Dr. Morad El-Raheb partnered with Andy McCoy in hopes of creating a business where quality cabinets could come at an affordable price! In 2011, Morad decided to buy a building off Route 66 to serve as a woodshop. Naming the site Tulsa Wood Arts, the shop served as a school for those who had no background in woodworking! After several successful years, Morad decided to repurpose the shop, naming it Tulsa Cabinets, LLC. Now, Tulsa Cabinets serves as a  provider to both the commercial and residential sectors. 

Dr. Morad El-Raheb, Partner


For more than 34 years Morad has been a hospitalist specialist in Tulsa! Over the years, he has also pursued a variety of interests which have manifested into successful businesses. Morad owns and oversees companies like Tulsa Hospitalists, 918 Coffee, Route 66 Rentals, Tulsa Wood Arts, and most recently, Tulsa Cabinets LLC.

Andy McCoy, Partner


Andy is a recent graduate of the University of Tulsa with a bachelors in Computer Information Systems. After graduating, he decided to stay in Tulsa and continue to pursue the woodworking industry. Now, Andy partners inthe business alongside Morad, running the operations front of the company.